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10) A "serious" Smash Bros story that's like, in-character and canon-compliant and explains things, man.

9) Boy, Minerva and the Whitewings do make some pretty hot Sailor Senshi.  

8) Reincarnation fic.  As in, characters with a suspicious resemblance to characters from other FE games really ARE just that, in some fashion.

7) That plotbunny featuring MyUnit!Chris as Ranma and Palla, Catria, and Est as the Tendo sisters.

6) Lingering illnesses in 'fic-- too much "consumption," not enough venereal disease.

5) Accident at the cloning lab.  Starring Anna.

4) A Western inspired by the Dylan song "Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts."  Camus was the Jack of Hearts.

3) The drunk!fic to end all drunk!fics.

2) Evil Overlord Ephraim.  With sparkles.

1) Eva Peron!Serra brings down Ostia.

[No, really.  All of these reached the planning stage and some of them got to a second draft.]
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I have seen the light.

I have converted to the side of "Bring Back Roy!" for the sole reason that advocates of Sigurd, Lyndis, and random Tellius characters have driven me to it.

[Well, that and I understand Roy and his significance to Elibe and Fire Emblem now, and didn't in 2008.]

I mean, the sole reason I got a GameFuqs account is to screw with people who still parrot the hivemind assertion that Sigurd is the most popular and beloved Lord in Japan.  I think the evidence stacked against that claim is bleedingly obvious at this point, so I'll just point out that fan polling indicates that, the last anyone checked, Sigurd wasn't even the most popular blue-haired mounted lance user in his own game, much less more beloved than, uh, Marth.

Also, I've soured on Krom and FE13, so I kind of hope Sigurd 2.0 doesn't make it in, either.  :/


How 'bout them Tigers?  Right now it's 6-0.

Can't gloat in advance, but I will point out that the Yankees with their bloated zillion-year contracts have the oldest average age of any major league baseball team (33) and that most of the Yanks' stars are quite a few years above that.  So you've got a team made up of broken-down warhorses who can't do what they did five years ago (especially now that some of 'em aren't juicing), and these no-name kiddies who've been brought into the playoff roster now that the big names are benched, injured, or out to lunch.

The wheels were gonna fall off sooner or later, and this turned out to be the year.  Even Boston's laughing now, fercryingoutloud... mostly because A-Rod ain't on their payroll.

I'm not gonna laugh until nine innings are over.  Mercy rule, anyone?
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So, about that pay-for-play DLC...

Wow.  Pretty Marth is pretty... pretty unnerving, that is, with those eyes.  IDK, man, he's beautiful but he looks like the hypothetical offspring of Ike and Soren to me.  Tellius!Marth is a strangely compelling thing to behold.

Also, I think we can finally lay to rest the oft-spouted delusion that Ike is now the "real" ambassador of Fire Emblem to parts worldwide and the inclusion of Marth in, well, just about everything is just some sop to Super Famicom nostalgia because the Japanese are weird and like shitty games.  Nintendo expects you to pay extra for extra Marth content, OK?  They're banking on the fact that you love him.  Their first-ever offering of paid DLC as a company is extra Marth, with sparkles.  I think that says something.

It says goddamned Sigurd is not the "most popular Lord in Japan," OK?  So you can put that one to bed as well, or set it on fire for all I care.

So, which "Marth" ends up in Super Smash Bros 4?  
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I'm so glad I waited to write this one.

I was having second thoughts, you see.  Spending a great deal of time comparing the merits of "favorites" and the reasons why they rank can lead to second-guessing.  I was starting to wonder if poor Leaf really belonged "below the cut," down at #12, and if I shouldn't rearrange a few other things while I was at it.  But then, something happened yesterday that affirmed that yeah, I really do adore this character.

#4: Marth

Fire Emblem's Pikachu. And then some. )
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#1 How did you find Fire Emblem?

Well, let's see. My brother-in-law, who had not yet graduated from high school, had come over to Grandma's place (where my husband and I lived at that time). He brought along a copy of Super Smash Bros Melee to play on our GameCube. I was thoroughly squeeing over Fox and Falco and discovering that I loved Jigglypuff to bits, but to my displeasure, "Cale" switched characters. He started playing as some brightly-colored mop-haired swordfighter named "Roy" from some game called Fire Emblem. Roy came as a bit of a surprise after all the furries and Pokeymanz and Mario characters, so I demanded to know more about him. Cale pointed me to the trophy descriptions, IIRC. Then he switched to the other Fire Emblem character.

You knew this was coming )


Oct. 31st, 2011 08:30 pm
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So, last night, I immersed myself in analyses of "The Day of the Locust" as a warm-up for embarking on my NaNo project for this year (officially signed up and everything, oh yes).  And I promised myself that I would be concentrating for the next thirty days on Detroit Novel and not on Fire Emblem fan works.

So, of course last night I have an absolute doozy of a dream starring Fire Emblem's very own Pretty Tiara Boy.  I was watching TV, and an advertisement came on for the new SSB game, which was titled Redstone for some reason.  Redstone is a project at work that just wrapped up last week, so at least I know where that came from.  Anyway, the advert had three characters in it-- Wario, Zelda/Sheik, and Marth-- each of whom showed off their moveset and had a brief speaking part.  In English.  And I was all "Yay, Marth! fangirlfangirlfangirl!!1"  I mean, super-happy delirious excited.  Crazy excited.

For those of you who care, he looked pretty much like Melee!Marth would with modern graphics and the appropriate FE3 "bright" color scheme-- not bad, really, but getting into Uncanny Valley territory.  Anyway, the next thing I knew, I was sucked into TV Land and was wandering around this large hotel-like complex and apparently there was a murderer loose or something and it was very exciting and sad all at once.  Basically, it was like being plopped into an SSB "Ten Little Indians" fanfic.  I woke with this deeply weird feeling that persisted through most of the day.

I don't know what my brain is trying to tell me.  :/

PS: What is up with all the un-costumed trick-or-treaters this year? Not classy, man.
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So, I popped in on the SSB4 board to LOL at the silliness (Guys?  Pent will not be playable in this game.  I promise.), and somebody suggested Caeda as a playable character, and the inevitable sparring over Shiida vs Sheeda vs Caeda came up.

And then someone claimed that her name was an adaptation of the Irish name Sioda... which apparently is a genuine Irish name that is also rendered as "Sheeda."  It means "silken-haired" and there once was some hero called Sheeda MacNamara who was 'excellent with the spear.' This particular Sheeda was a guy, btw-- Sioda/Sheeda is a boy's name.

So, yes, she's faux-Irish.  But her father's still faux-Welsh, so Talys is just all pan-Celticy... which is pretty much what I thought.

No, I never did look it up before, because 'Sheeda' always struck me as a silly-ass name.  Still sounds like a genie in a bottle to me.


Someone else suggested Camus as a playable character in the new game.  That's an idea I can actually get behind.  He's got a lance.  A BIG lance.  And he's hot.  And he's in a lot of FE games.  So, yes.  Camus for SSB4!  I should make a little banner or something...


I still want a female FE rep, and I'd rather have her not use a sword, kthx.
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 Part Two: When Pairings Eat A Fandom

Now it's time for FE9/10... )

Stay tuned if you like for Part III: Canon, What Canon?  In the meantime, recs for good Ike/Soren stories are appreciated, and feel free to pimp your own.
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 I did not forget.

Though my analysis of the "epic" gets spotty from here on out, as there were certain characters I was quite interested in and others that I... wasn't.  

Another Green World )

Recap Time! )

Adult Interlude )

Rise of the A-team )

OMG Pokeymanz )
Yawn.  Count me among those who thinks that the Subspace Emissary was a promising idea that didn't go so well in execution.  In the next installment, we get back to the characters for whom I was sitting through this mess.
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 Below are some more essays I wrote circa 2008 regarding Super Smash Bros. and its fandom.  I had nowhere to post these at the time, so I may as well stick 'em up here if anyone wants to visit the fandom Wayback Machine.  There is probably something in here to offend everyone, so be warned if you do have a look.  

Hah.  Looking back, at some points I address an imaginary audience, cross-referencing other essays that also weren't posted.  

I don't care if he's immortal, it's still gross. )

In which I hate on 'fic cliches circa 2008 )

In which I again blame Gundam Wing for everything )

In which I take aim at an overused plotline )

The year these were written, I was working full-time, traveling cross-country for work, and going to school in the evenings.  I burned off ALL my excess energy in SSB and Pokemon Pearl.  It was my way of staying sane.
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This is some essaying I wrote circa 2008, posted at the request of [ profile] sailorvfan10 .  It is a bunch of meta noodling revolving around Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, and some potshots at the Gundam Wing fanbase.  Not my best work, so feel free to ignore me.

Take one... )

Take two... )

There was more, believe me, but I think this was enough.
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Now that I've landed on everyone's B.S. radar for the title...

Cut for fandom navel-gazing )

So, dear f-list-- what fandom paradigms do you plan to subvert in the new year?  
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 Yeah, I've written ONE line of dialogue this week.  Yay.

Work + extra-curricular activities have lead to borderline burnout.  I've become a passive consumer of entertainment-- too tired to write, too tired to play my new copy of HeartGold, reduced to sitting in front of the computer screen watching cartoons and machinima.


Raishi Tsuwabuki has some pretty spiffy SSBB animated videos up on YouTube.  They range from super-fluffy to super-duper disturbing.  Primary focus is Ness and Lucas from the Mother series, Link, and Red the Pokemon Trainer.  Almost everything has overtones of shonen ai, including allusions to my least favorite pairing in the videogame universe, Marth/Roy.  [Words do not suffice to explain how much I hate that pairing.  Even Ike/Pit, which I also loathe, doesn't come close.]  But the style is very pleasing to the eye... and the idea of li'l Ness as a serial killer with a collection of severed hands in pots is just not something you're likely to come across anywhere else.

Anyway, I have the germ of an SSB: Melee 'fic sprouting in my brain now.  Must... resist... evil.

Why Marth and Roy do NOT belong together )
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 I spent yesterday afternoon in the fandom toilet, and goshdarnit I had a good time.

See, one of my favorite movies EVER is There Will Be Blood, so when I heard of a Nintendo-themed parody, I was obliged to check it out.  Well, There Will Be Brawl has nothing to do with the film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, aside from that characters in both works get their heads bashed in.  It's a lot more like Watchmen as filtered through the Nintendoverse-- complete with a few well-placed and deliberate shout-outs to the graphic novel.  And it's brilliant.  Seriously, this thing is well-scripted, well-acted, and has production values.  I'd rather rewatch this than sit through a half-hour of any broadcast TV show I can think of right now.  Sure, it's dark-- the makers are not kidding when they say that it's for those aged seventeen and up.  It's gritty noir in which Our Heroes, most of whom aren't particularly heroic, drink, use drugs, have affairs, swear, beat one another up, and die horribly.  But there is an actual plot-- three plot threads, all of which are actually resolved-- and it's clearly done out of the same perverse love that makes any of us write or re-read darkfic.  If your fanboyism can stand to see your childhood favorites filtered through a black lens, and if you can recognize the likes of Jill Dozer, Barbara the Bat, and Saki from Sin and Punishment on sight-- watch it.

PS-- the Italian accents are so-so, but the Russian accents are brilliant.  I've lived with native speakers of Russian and Ukrainian for years, and the syntax is spot-on.  Everything that comes out of Fox's mouth is a riot.  And Fox was awfully attractive for a furry....

PPS-- I swear to god, the characterization of Marth in Episode 10 is the closest I've seen to canon in any SSB-derived work that features him.  

Cut for spoiler if you're inclined to watch the thing.... )


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