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So, about a year ago, as I was working through my FE12-induced "issues," I started on this.  A silly and derivative little slice-of-life story with a rotating POV and only the faintest wisp of a plot.  Obviously it was not high on my priority list of Things to Finish.  But I did finish it, and since it's (gasp!) genfic, I decided to post the thing.  It's lightweight but it's not really that silly, given that it's grounded in the general darkness of Archanea-- hence references to assassination, Bad Things happening to small children, and the like.

The style is closer to "Wings of Love" than to anything I normally write.  

Anyway, it features mostly FE12-only characters-- Ryan, Melissa, Luke, Rody, and Cecil, plus the Grust twins (and Marth and Norne).  I say "FE12" rather than "FE3/12" because once the Shin Monshou characterizations got out of the can, it's hard to go back and recall how I thought Luke and Cecil and the rest were supposed to be written.  Yes, the characters went from being stick figures to full-color caricatures, but they didn't really gain any depth by it, IMO.  I condone the direction that IS went with Melissa (mostly), and I can't complain over what I've seen of Rody and Ryan, but Sir Luke the Awesome and Aggro Chick!Cecil seem to both be over-the-top, objectionable in the same sense that I object to a lot of the Tellius gang.  Writing them feels pretty easy.  Writing them feels pretty darned cheap.  They feel very... familiar... in a sense that can't just be laid down to "FE Archetype Syndrome."

The full adaptation, if we ever get the darned thing, may change my mind, but I didn't have to read ALL of Kieran's supports to know I have a visceral distaste for his shtick.  And the end result is, writing straight up "FE12" stories often lands me in this very weird zone where I can't take anything 100% seriously.  I can't discount the darkness and teh drama, but there's always something a little absurd about it all.  See: "Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal" and the aforementioned "Wings of Love."


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 Spent some of the morning working on my [ profile] fe_exchange  story, but then I got sidetracked and ended up working on this instead.  It's an "interlude" in the Michalis/Melissa soap opera, one that cuts away from the action in Macedon to spend a few moments with Caeda and Marth.  Who, after all, are a part of the Grand Plan that Michalis is hatching, whether they know it or not.

There is maybe a little more going on beneath the surface in this chapter than in the preceding ones, but not really enough to warrant a full liner-notes fiesta.  Maybe after the second interlude chapter.  You can basically assume that anything weird and creepy in this one is intentional on my part.
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Finally got my writing back in the groove after a bad week.  Worked on the following:

"Dark Sun of Desire," revisions to chapters four and five
"A Kiss for Luck," revisions to chapter two
"In That Dawn to Be Alive," aka the Catria/Frey French Revolution story

And, finally, the next two chapters of "Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal."  These are short chapters, but I'm only allowing one POV character per chapter.  Also, it's kind of a different tone than I usually write in, so instead of 6K words per chapter they're coming out pretty concise.  I don't know if these ones really need reams of explanatory notes... maybe I'll write some up after the tale's concluded.

The wedding reception tonight was at the Henry Ford Museum, and it was awesome.  Imagine having a vast, vast museum filled with cars and trains and planes and full-size steam engines and the Wienermobile, and it's dark outside and the place is empty except for you and a bunch of friends and you're roaming around the museum, at night, in fancy dress, with sounds of music and dancing echoing around the display cases.  Definitely a memorable night despite a few lol!awkward moments with drunken partygoers, including the tipsy bride.  The bride and I danced at midnight to "That's What Friends Are For," which was fun and apparently pretty cute for the spectators.  I had a great time... and the food was the best wedding food I've had in about seven years (not surprising-- the bridegroom is a professional chef).  Roasted tomatoes stuffed with collard greens turned out to be surprisingly tasty.

Sleep now.  
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 So, according to this guy on Serenes Forest, if you go to Fire Emblem World and enter data on the MyUnit creation page, you can get this wallpaper of Catria.  I dunno why MyUnit creation = sexy Catria pix and I maybe don't want to know the logic behind it, but it's already on MY desktop.  Shoot, this is the first official full-body art of Cat since the card game stopped, isn't it?

Now, for 'fic.  [ profile] samuraiter , this one is for you.  I'll remove the dedication if you don't like the shout-out, but your line of thinking definitely inspired this one.

Anyway, while I've been utterly stalled out on continuing any "serious" stories for Archanea thanks to FE12 and its overall wtf-ery, a little while ago I did embark on an appropriately wtf 'fic project, the first installations of which can be found here and here.  I figured that, since I objected to a lot of the frothiness of FE12 (especially since most of the bleak character endings are totally unchanged), I would try to appease the 'fic demons with something appropriately frothy.  Soapy.  Soap-opera-y.  

And this turns out to be the portentously titled "Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal," in which Lena has visions, Melissa pops back out of obscurity, and Michalis decides to take advantage of some dangling plot threads by tying them up to his satisfaction.  It's crack and it's weird, but it's kind of fun to write.  I've never explored Lena before, so writing her is different for me; she has a great and complex backstory but I've never had the compulsion to deal with her much until now.  Melissa is... Melissa, and Michalis is a scheming, self-centered, but not completely heartless bastard, and Caeda turns up in Chapter Four in full-on politician mode.  No, Chapter Four isn't out yet.  I dunno when it will be as I appear to have closed without saving at some point and lost big chunks of the text.  :/

Notes and Spoilers for Prologue ) 

Notes and Spoilers for Chapter 1 )

This is actually a prequel to one of my other 'fics.  See if you can figure out which one (it'll be clear by Chapter Eight... whenever that comes out).  
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 Chapter Four, "Strangers On This Road," is up here.  FFnet finally complied with my request to add Malliesia to the drop-down list, along with Yubello, Yumina, and Sirius.  Heh heh heh....

Anyway... here's where things start getting a bit... different.  As I said, I'm sticking to the plot of FE3, but will be taking more liberties with the in-game dialogue and the world-building.  Even more liberties than usual with the world-building, I guess.  Anyway, in this chapter, Our Hero finally shows up, and he turns out to be rather different from Melissa's expectations.  In short order, Melissa no longer knows what to expect from anyone, and nobody's taking time to explain themselves.  It hasn't quite dawned on Melissa that, by her attempt to escape from the war, she's effectively volunteered herself for it.

Title comes from "Strangers" by the Kinks, which is one of my all-time favorite messed-up love songs.  I once made a CD compilation based around it as a tribute to the protagonists of my original-fiction WIP novel.

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And here we go with Chapter Three, the final prologue-type chapter.  This sets things up for the main storyline to kick in at Chapter Four.

Welcome to the Occupation )
I clearly am on a Grustian-sympathizer kick.  Hopefully this chapter does express that Melissa's grandmother, though odd, does love the girl (presumably her only remaining relative) dearly and wants what's best for her.  You get three guesses to figure out what happens in the next chapter, and the second two don't count.

I will probably post the first three chapters on ffnet once the mods fulfill my requests to have certain characters added to the drop-down menu.  Title comes from R.E.M.'s "Welcome to the Occupation."
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 Here we go with Part Two.  This and Part One were originally conceived as a one-shot, separate from the main body of "No Saint to Follow."  Some of the stylistic differences will probably show once Part Four comes up.

This one is a little darker, more violent, with some occurrences of "language."  Oh well.  Also, it's a rougher draft than usual... I think once I'm happy with it, I'll put three or four segments on ffnet.

Steel and Thunder )
No complaints regarding King Jiol, please.  The man had it coming.

And yes, Melissa is a bit of a head case.  Note the lapse into third-person speech.  I'll try to keep that to a minimum, but it's right there in canon.

ETA: Title comes from a lyric in "Bold Marauder" by Richard and Mimi Farina.  I like the John Kaye cover version, personally.
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Here is the the result of many months of scribbling, reworking, and redacting.  "No Saint to Follow" is a fairly open-ended series of sequential one-shots about the "bad girl" of FE3, Lena's apprentice Malliesia, aka Melissa.  This is the first installment.

Some Mother's Son )
Anyway, though my original conception of Grust was as a "Prussian" militaristic state, there is a real-life Grust in southern France, so there is a bit of Gascon flavor added to my depiction of the place here.  Gavarnie is what I call the village where Lena's grandfather gives Marth the Hammerne staff in Chapter 20 of FEDS.  Arnaldus is, of course, Lena's grandfather.

My conception of Melissa in this is of a girl with something of a runaway imagination, which she has inherited from her grandmother.  She's pretty cunning and manipulative, but not really cynical, which makes her a departure from my usual FE3/11 stable of minor characters.

I render her name as "Melissa" because it means "balm," which I find amusing-- it's appropriate to a healer, and inappropriate to her persona.

Cute young dead guy inspired by Franz of FE8.  Title comes from the song "Some Mother's Son" by the Kinks.
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It seems to me that all canon-warping pairings are not created equal.  For some bizarro reason, I find that pairing a characters with someone outside of their canonical "destiny" feels more transgressive when the pairing isn't crack.  Taking an indisputably "het" character and putting them in a yaoi or yuri pairing, or pairing two characters Because I Feel Like It (see: "By Any Other Name") is something I'm comfortable enough with.  Taking a "het" character and having them shack up with a totally plausible het choice with some canonical justification feels... dirty?  Feels like I should expect to get mauled for publishing it?  It's like it falls down some sort of fan-fictional Uncanny Valley and from there goes right to the Creepy Zone.

And no, I'm not carping about Catria/Marth again, though I have this problem with that particular pairing.  There's another FE3 hookup I'm working with that has, IMO, even more justification than C/M, and on some level I feel like fanboys and girls ought to beat me with sticks if I ever publish it.  Which is stupid, because every single day fan-writers publish stories featuring pairings that warp, shred, and blast canon.  That's part of what fanfiction is about, man.  I see the potential for this pairing in the text, I'm exploring it, and I shouldn't have to justify it to anyone.

Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone else find they're comfortable with something that is gleefully, unabashedly non-canon/crack, but not comfortable with something plausible enough to be almost-canon?


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