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Uh, yeah.

So I finally finished "Starchild." Since it had its own tag here on DW I figure I'd better mention that it's done even though I suspect anyone who did care stopped caring three years ago.

Basically, I kept waffling on the ending.

Ending spoilers. )

Original character endings for the pilots )

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So, this was a Western AU that I really wanted to write but I wasn't sure where to develop it. It wasn't just a Western AU, as it had a touch of what I like to call "arc-light punk" and then got into stuff like heavier-than-air flight and the obsolescence of old sabers-n-cavalry warfare. But straight-up retellings of game plot, even in an alternate setting, just don't hold my attention and so it's been sitting untouched since before my laptop crashed in March.

I guess it'll go here, for now, just to prove it existed.

Public Enemies


I do not own Fire Emblem or any of its characters.


Gen2 Wild West AU with a twist... )
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Took a stab at the ending-sentence meme the rest of y'all are doing and realized a few 'fics in I end things with dark/light imagery waaaaay too often. C'est la vie.

Anyway, how 'bout this: closing sentences to WIPs I would rather like to finish some day?

Stuff. Spoilers for 'fic that may not get published, in a sense. )

The last of these being a piece of period-appropriate sentimentalism IMO.

Nice Meme

Dec. 25th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Stolen from Raphi and Manna, who swiped it from others.

give me a pairing and I will tell you their modern AU...

•how they met
•other stuff maybe
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I was gonna do that fanfic meme that's been going around but my answers are boring and evasive.

On an IM the other night, Ammie dropped a revelation: Soren, in an "our world" modern AU, would vote Republican.

Fanfic and contemporary politics: You're doing it wrong )
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Yeah, I'll get to the top four characters on that meme sometime... soonish.

Published WIP )

Anything not mentioned isn't discontinued, just on the back burner with minimal heat.

Unpublished WIP )


Found something interesting in the candy aisle at Holiday Market yesterday: Bavarian Malt Candy.  It's great; I like barley-sugar candy anyway, but this comes in nice irregular chunks instead of smooth lozenges and the taste is rich and a little smoky.  Nice stuff.
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So, I got Raphi in the fe_exchange lottery.  Our tastes are preeeeetty compatible, so it wasn't an assignment that was really going to push me out of my "comfy zone," though it's not like I need much of an excuse to go seriously weird.  A sliver of a vestige of an excuse will generally do.  And I was up for writing some FE8, but none of the ideas I had wanted to go anywhere.  I was throwing things at a wall and nothing stuck.

Read more... ) 

Oh, yes.  Second and final fe_fest prompt technically completed.  Whew.

ETA: located here at FFnet.
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Huh.  This is the only thing I've worked at all on in the second half of this month, and most days I haven't even touched 'fic.  I think of things during the day, and I'm too tired to write when I finally get the chance at night.  Meh.

Anyway, in this chapter, we get to spend a bit of time inside girl!Marth's head, which an annoying hurdle for the writer in any genderbend story, IMO.  

Read this after reading the 'fic, unless you don't want to read the 'fic. :P )
PS: Beer as a secret ingredient in chicken stew works really, really well.  Hard cider would do likewise, I'm sure.
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So, I turned four cups of U-pick raspberries into a very nice cobbler.  The recipe is the "old-fashioned berry cobbler" in the middle of the page, the one with raspberries in it.  I substituted black raspberry jam and added some vanilla to the biscuit topping, and it went over very well at Sunday dinner. I've been on a baking binge, in between the two custard pies, this cobbler, and the plum butter kuchen I meant to write about that got lost in the shuffle.  Reason?  We still haven't turned the furnace on, and it's getting kind of chilly.  Oops.


We finally have a decent cupcake shop in my end of town.  I will elaborate on this critical development on a later date, but right now, all I have to say is: purple velvet cupcakes.  Yes.


So, speaking of cupcakes... no, wait cupcakes have nothing to do with Chapter Two of "Honesty is (Not) the Best Policy."

Notes and stuff. )

Play Ball

Oct. 14th, 2011 11:28 am
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Is is wrong that I'm having to restrain myself from writing a baseball AU wherein awesome pitcher/catcher buddy duo Eliwood and Hector of the Lycian Dukes are the scrappy underdogs facing the well-heeled Magvel Royals?
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All right.  With "Starchild" just about done, I feel comfortable posting notes-- but not the ones I wrote up this summer and accidentally cut-n-pasted into oblivion.  That was a kind of index of real-life space history figures and technological terms with some pointers as to how they tied into the 'fic (ex: the Saturn V rocket is the analogue to the Ashera rocket, Grigory Nelyubov was the inspiration for the "disappeared" Tear Ring Saga characters).  

I used to write exhaustive notes for all my 'fics, in part because I enjoyed writing them so damn much.  I enjoyed writing this one, so let's have some real notes.

Q: "Starchild": What the hell is this thing?

Answers under the cut )
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Nineteen down.  One to go.

Utena reference completely intentional.

I was gonna do some comprehensive notes on this thing, wasn't I? 


Nope, too tired.  Later.

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Oh yeah.  Chapter 18 is up.  I wouldn't expect to have 19 or 20 up any time soon; as I've said before, spinning out plot threads is the easy and fun part.  Tying them up neatly is the problem.

Subplot discussion under the cut )

Going to be in one of those barroom trivia contests today.  Hopefully this will go better than the last one, which was heavily skewed toward post 1950s pop culture.  My team of geeks bombed.  When your Hail Mary moment is remembering the title to "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," it's not an especially proud day.
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Atlantis touched down safety just before six AM (EDT) this morning.  The space shuttle era is officially over.


I think one reason I'm so hell-bent on working on "Starchild" is that the level of intrigue at work has dulled my appetite for "Sleep of the Just"/"Another Piece of Blue" political machinations.  Too close to home, man.  The behind-the-scenes action in "Starchild" doesn't feel personal to me and it ain't keeping me up at night.  I tried to work on "Ghosts," an Archanea 'fic dealing with the ramifications of the two arguable canonical suicides, and that just was too heavy for me right now.  Do not want.

I did work on a glossary for "Starchild," with the historical reference points sketched out, but I accidentally deleted a chunk of it and then saved the deletions by mistake.  Whoops.  Maybe next time I'm bored...  

Anyway, here's Chapter Seventeen.  We've cracked the 30K-word boundary, and we've finally on the verge of an answer as to what this entire charade is about.  Hint: it's not about collecting moon rocks.


This weather is awful.  The Blue Angels were practicing at the airfield by my workplace, and it was too damned hot to go out and enjoy them.


Had some plans for a post about crit and literary reviews-- not in a fandom sense, but of possible interest to fellow fan-writers.  Too sleepy right now.  Zzz.
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It's still the 42nd anniversary of the Apollo XI moon landing... for another twelve minutes.  In my time zone.

So, here you go.
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Utterly surreal week.  Power outages, all kinds of crazy bad stuff at work, getting interviewed for public access TV about that little trip to Florida we took last week, and a sinus infection. 

Oh, yes, and a family of adorable little skunks moved in two houses down.  Let me tell you, the sight of fluffy baby skunks with white gossamer tails frolicking around in the lawn in the firefly-sprinkled twilight is, at once, absolutely beautiful and completely ungood.

Also, here's a snack-sized update to "Starchild," in which has now surpassed "Another Piece of Blue" as my second-longest fanfic.  Yikes.  It'll definitely be THE longest by the time we wrap things up with Chapter 20.  Anyway, in Chapter 15, Eirika and friends (?) finally take off on the Peace mission with the intention of finally making that lunar landing that we've been talking about for 26,000 words.  And the lunar lander thingy gets a name.
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Surprise, surprise.

Mind you, this doesn't exactly incorporate anything from my STS-135 jaunt, but the experience did give me a kick in the tail.  I so want to write a sequel that's all about Ephraim, but I keep talking myself out of it, because sequels to AUs are so often fucked up and pointless (not talking about this fandom, just in general).

Speaking of Ephraim, I finally took his name off the description field of the story.  It wasn't getting me any more readers.

Oh yeah.  At Kennedy Space Center, the parking lots are numbered 1-7, each one given the name of a Project Mercury astronaut.  If you're in Al Shepherd's Numero Uno parking lot, you're special, and if you're in Deke Slayton's #7 lot, you have a hell of a walk.  This made me giggle, as I wasn't aware of the parking lot issue until last Wednesday.
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OK. So, sixteen-year-old Merric is a student at Khadein University studying wind power applications. He's a well-regarded student and a favorite of Professor Wendell, but he keeps getting into scrapes with a fellow student named Ellerean, whose study focus is the dangerous fringe field of electrical technology.

Anyway, things are going along well enough when a horrific act of industrial sabotage takes place in Merric's homeland of Altea-- a regional center of steam and hydropower thanks to its abundant water supply. An attack on Altea's great steam engines causes chaos and destabilization; Merric's attempt to get to the bottom of things leads him on a truly bizarre odyssey involving airships, gears, arc lights, goggles, and Linde.  Oh, yes, and the permeable boundary between technology and magic.

Basically, the underlying premise is that the dragons of Archanea fostered technological development among humans instead of tutoring them in access to magic.  Canonically, the dragons had technology they used themselves, and the magic seen in the games is a substitute to bring humanity up to an equivalent standard of living.  So this would be an alternate timeline that assumes that the dragon technology, whatever that consisted of, wasn't lost.

Anyone interested in working on this, for a big bang or anything else, sign up right here.
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So, I'm trying to get a quota of interesting cooking in before I get sent to Vegas.  Yesterday, I harvested some daylily buds and made a stir-fry with lamb, daylily, and fresh mushrooms from the farmers market.  If I'd been feeling more ambitious I'd have made a real nice dish with a ginger-black bean sauce, but bottled sauce did work in a pinch and it was pretty good except for the soggy brown rice.  I am SO switching back to jasmine rice... the brown rice turns out better when I don't follow the directions.

This morning, I decided to offload some of the excess strawberries I bought on Friday (also at the farmers market) in the form of a sweet omelet.  No, not one of those super-fancy fallen-souffle deals; this was more like a flourless crepe, not too sweet and pretty darned tasty.  Warmed, sliced, fresh strawberries are so much nicer than gloppy pie-filling stuff, which I've come to loathe.  


Yesterday I completed two more must-see goals in the Metro Detroit experience-- a tour of the legendary Rouge Factory and a trip to the top of the Renaissance Center.  Seeing the First Wonder of the Industrialized World gave a huge boost to my inner technology geek (though the official presentations on the tour are whitewashed beyond credibility), while being at the top of the tallest building in Michigan was pretty amazing.  I could see the spoke-like outlay of the city, with the main arteries of Michigan, Jefferson, Woodward, Gratiot, and Grand River spreading out for miles and miles and miles... I swear I could see the city lights of Mount Clemens off in the distance.  We were above helicopters.

Also, while Coach Insignia is a place I'm absolutely going back to for dinner, I'd sure hate to be a paying guest on the night of a wedding reception.  There's nowhere to run from the music.  I'm sure we annoyed people.


Maybe I'll use the FE big bang as an excuse to finally do steampunk!Archanea, but I'd want a collaborator because I am not doing that on my own.

But that way I can finally get a picture of Merric with goggles.  And Linde.  Steampunk Linde.  Mmm.


"The Art of Manufacturing" (a short film shown at the Rouge tour) is like Koyaanisqatsi as filmed by Disney.  Makes you wonder what might've happened had Henry Ford and Walt Disney joined forces to create one empire of fantasy Americana.  


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night remains awesome beyond comparison. 


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