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Archanea gets slagged off a lot for not having "good" or "well-developed" characters.  Er... I'll grant you there are a lot, and I do mean a lot, of characters who didn't have much dialogue save a death quote up until FE12.  And I remain skeptical of the brand of development presented in FE12.

But, as a counter-example, may I present Character #3: Palla.

I dare you to say she's a lousy character. Triple-dog dare you. )
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I'm so glad I waited to write this one.

I was having second thoughts, you see.  Spending a great deal of time comparing the merits of "favorites" and the reasons why they rank can lead to second-guessing.  I was starting to wonder if poor Leaf really belonged "below the cut," down at #12, and if I shouldn't rearrange a few other things while I was at it.  But then, something happened yesterday that affirmed that yeah, I really do adore this character.

#4: Marth

Fire Emblem's Pikachu. And then some. )
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You should be grateful to this guy.

Characters as diverse as Innes, Shinon, Joshua, and Levin all can trace their lineage back to him.  He's both the original Snarky Sniper and the original Wandering Noble, at least as far as FE goes.

I refer, of course, to #5: Jeorge.

I love this guy. )
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I said I wasn't bringing headcanon into this.  

That doesn't mean that some characters didn't take a fair amount of consideration before getting on this list.  A little thought, a little reflection, a bit of compare/contrast with others of their "type."

Case in point, #7: Eliwood.

Psst. He's the actual main character of his game, too. )
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What makes a "favorite" character?  In my case, it's kind of a visceral appreciation and not purely an abstract "what-if" meta obsession.  Put simply, I often know if a character (or pairing) is truly a favorite by how I respond to artwork.  If seeing a little fan-doodle or icon provokes a reaction in me, that's a beloved character.  If I see the picture, think "meh," and skip on by, I don't really like them all that much-- not for what they are in-game, or in-media.

I'm also skewing this list toward the characters who have a substantial amount of material upon which I can base my opinions.  I love Norne to bits, but she has, what, three lines of translated dialogue?  That's not enough to hang anything on.  

So, if this entry feels like a bit of a cheat, it's not.

I don't write 'fic about him.  I don't have complex meta posts about him.  I haven't played the second of the two games he's in, cause I rather dislike the first game.

But if you mentally give a power salute to virtually everything that character says on-screen, I think that makes them a favorite character.

Therefore, at #8... Soren.

He is so. )
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I appreciate Fire Emblem's Old Guys.  I don't mean the Marcus-types (though they're good too), or the ancient sage-types, but the older dude, usually heavily armored, that you get at the middle or end of the game.  The one with crap stats and an affinity for small children.  I almost always use Lorenz in Shadow Dragon because I think he's a great character and his story is heart-rending.

The Lorenz archetype persists through the series-- Hannibal, Douglas, Tauroneo-- but Magvel presented the best of the lot, IMO.

Coming in at #9... Duessel.

No, really. )
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And now, coming in at #10, the only Jugdral representative on this list...


Yes, that's right.  Out of an entire continent of tragic, star-crossed, and "dramatic" characters, I go with Cuan's little sidekick.

Would that we all had a sidekick of this caliber. )
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 Boy, [personal profile] raphiael  has some good memes going on her tumblr, and some really good material posted to cover them.  I stole this one, too.  

Top Eleven Fire Emblem Characters.  The catch here is that I'm not bringing headcanon or ficcing potential into it, so a character whose appeal to me derives largely from what they could be instead of what they are on the screen (Lilina), or who annoy me onscreen but are redeemed by meta and fanfic (Eirika) will not place highly.  Or place at all.

#11: Serra and Lute (tie)

Words of explanation )

I would probably not want to spend time with either of these girls in real life, which is why they're down at eleven.


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