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So. Now that we've established that IS will do remakes, and we have this shiny new system for pairing up characters and breedin' babies, how 'bout that Shin Seisen no Keifu?

This is partly tongue-in-cheek and partly a guesstimate based on what IS actually did with the Archanea remakes-- what they kept, what they changed, what they ignored.

What the crystal ball says )
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OK. Enough about Robin, Chrom, and the FE13 storyline. I still have some grievances to air about the alpha-universe timeline, but that can wait. Today we shall discuss Deadlords.

Or Dark Warlords, if you prefer.

Details, Details...Plus Deadlord Spoilers )
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Music is a funny thing.

The associations that lyrics and tunes create for us are so strong that the music that clicks for us becomes something very personal-- in a good way, but also in the divisive, tribal, ideology-defining way. Admitting you like the "wrong" music in some circles is about as bad as admitting you've joined an alien comet cult or have a secret hobby as a serial killer. I'll confess to seeing other people talk about the music they associate with this character or that character and feeling that visceral "oh god no" pang in my gut, and I suspect my musical tastes (overwhelmingly slanted toward older white guys with guitars) probably make other people the same way.

So, while using lyric quotes as epigrams or titles in 'fic is common enough, publishing an actual fandom-themed playlist to the world is akin to getting naked before the f-list. It invites judgment. So here I go, sharing my primary Jugdral playlist with you all. :)

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I welcome commentary on this. Seriously. Even if it's "WTF, Mark."
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I was going to do a music-themed post but I got stuck in it.

Anyway, after this post, Ammie suggested we try for a pairing list that added yet more constraints:

1) No parent/child talks either. This doesn't just eliminate more sources of characterization, it eliminates free stat boots for the girls. It also means there's no chance of passing down Holsety Forseti to anyone who can use it.

2) Levin/Briggid for speed-demon Patty.

Well, then. Here you go-- a pure crack FE4 continuity that might actually work.

Here we go again )

I seriously want to write Forseti!Patty.  That could be out of this world hilarious.

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Since Ammie and Raphi both provided such, here's some noodlings for Archanea/Barensia/Jugdral

Under a cut for modesty's sake. )
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My word, I've some catching up to do reading everyone's posts.

For 2011's Meta Month I did a post on the issues surrounding bodily resurrection in Fire Emblem. Today I want to address the other half of the equation-- how does the spiritual side of resurrection work? Basically, where do our heroes go when they die, and how do we get them back? For this, I'm mainly going to be looking at the good, Naga-approved resurrection as featured in Archanea, Barensia, and Jugdral, rather than the sketchy Bramimond kind or the outright unclean grotesqueries of Magvel-- though Elibean resurrection a la Bramimond is certainly relevant.

So, where does the soul, or the essential Aegir that makes a person who they are, go when someone dies in Fire Emblem? We know a bit about what various characters believe (often revealed in death quotes), but aside from Seliph's oddball encounter with his parents in Chapter 10 of FE4 we don't have a lot of direct evidence for what becomes of humans. If anything we know more about the well-nigh-indestructible souls of dragonkin, which can persist for millennia and reincarnate even when the physical body is thoroughly trashed. FE13 may tell us even more, but we ain't got there yet.
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Well, since I was sleepy yesterday and will be busy as HELL tomorrow (and not playing FE13, sob), here's an addendum to the FE4 rant.

Just to give characterization in FE4 the shaft, here's a complete viable pairing list in which the parent units never exchange a word outside of snuggly talk in the home castle.  Plus some bonus lists that get progressively more sketchy.

You can do other things, but they'd probably be pretty terrible. )

There.  Three entire pairing lists that ought to not be terrible that don't involve a single "predestined" pairing and hence no character development whatsoever during Gen1.  Enjoy.
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I missed yesterday because I fell asleep after dinner and didn't wake 'til after midnight.  Whoops.

FE4.  Seisen no Keifu.  When I got into FE fandom online, there seemed to be two factions-- the one that worshiped FE4 and held all Stateside-release games as inferior, and the one that worshiped FE7 and appeared to reflexively knock each successive release for not being FE7.

Now we have a Tellius faction out there on the internets, too, but the FE4 zealots haven't gone away, and you see their handiwork everything someone pops up proclaiming that Sigurd is the Best and Most Popular Lord EVAR and how it's a high crime that he's not included in SSB:Brawl like that pansy Marth and flash-in-the-pan Ike.

These people thought Sigurd would be the first DLC character release for FE13, too, and boy was my prickly heart glad when that turned out to be Starlord Marth.

Myths and debunking )

FE4 makes different demands on your attention span, your weapon-allocation strategies, and your deployment methods than "normal" FE.  At this point it may well be the franchise oddball, given that world maps and zombies are now a running thing.  But I do have to wonder if people who claim this is "the best" FE have played it-- not a hack, not an expansion, not some lulzy saved file, but the actual game.  And then I have to wonder if they've played any of the rest.
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A brief history of the Peg Knight With Unrequited Affections!  AKA the "Catria" trope, which seems to have found favor with IS in recent years.

Just for the record (mentions FE13, yo) )


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