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I finally finished that Journalist!Innes w/ mandatory Innes/Gerik content AU.  It's only a year past the deadline.

OK.  It's set in a 1920's Magvel, except Magvel's recast as New York City, and there are mashup references to other gameverses and Magvel fandom in-jokes.  And stuff.

I wrote most of it on the train from Chicago after having a block on it for a year.  I really wanted to see Innes holding a very silly drink.


Mar. 14th, 2012 07:55 am
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So I've been hearing a lot of chatter about who the DLC characters are gonna be, and it's all the usual blather you see on SSB wish lists.  Sigurd.  Ike.  Everybody's favorite Tellius characters.  

Here ya go.




Also Ayra (totally, 100% expected as an FE4 rep) and Claire from FE2.  Who-hoo!


I mean, my favorite FE character ever as DLC?  Hot damn.  Also, Claire.  <3 

[Apparently Innes has a second career in fan-created FE5 hacks.  That's funny.]  

Also, "Marth" is confirmed to have a female VA, which given that "he" looks really young in this doesn't mean the character is female.  But it still means we can't rule that out.

And Soiree is a girl!  

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 I was going to take a stab at this meme, but then the latest round of LJ fail happened and I got distracted.

Except thirty-day memes are kind of boring.  Let's start with Day Four!

Your favorite character:

Favorite FE guy )

Favorite FE girl ) 

Don't know what I'll pick next; it'll be a surprise.
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So, I got Raphi in the fe_exchange lottery.  Our tastes are preeeeetty compatible, so it wasn't an assignment that was really going to push me out of my "comfy zone," though it's not like I need much of an excuse to go seriously weird.  A sliver of a vestige of an excuse will generally do.  And I was up for writing some FE8, but none of the ideas I had wanted to go anywhere.  I was throwing things at a wall and nothing stuck.

Read more... ) 

Oh, yes.  Second and final fe_fest prompt technically completed.  Whew.

ETA: located here at FFnet.
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I did not enter [ profile] fe_contest  this time, even though I liked the prompt.  I had an idea I really liked for "Vanity" involving courtship/marriage between Innes and L'Arachel in a 1930s-ish setting, an evolution of the 'fic I keep wanting to write entitled "A Simple Game of Self-Respect."

When a 'fic title is derived from Elvis Costello's "Two Little Hitlers," you know it's not gonna be very fluffy.

But honestly?  Writing something like that promised to be emotionally draining and a great deal of... work.  Work to make the dialogue actually witty, and the interaction smart and sexy... and the atmosphere what I wanted it to be.  And I really, really didn't want anything to distract me from writing "Starchild," which is a) a great deal of fun to write and b) something that needs to be finished so I can move on and not have my head filled with details of this cracked-out mashup world.  Seriously.  I've dreamed up mission logos.  I've tried to place the various continents on an actual map to figure out an orbital path.  I've wondered what sports the characters like best.  Is Ephraim more of a basketball guy or a hockey guy?  No, not baseball.  They don't play baseball in the Magvel Union.  That's what those foreigners down in Lieberia play.

Also, there's a sequel to "Starchild" germinating in my head, and it's awful.


I haven't done a meme in a while.  I guess I stole this from [ profile] hooves ... and half the rest of the f-list.

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will reply saying:

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

PS: I have fandoms other than Fire Emblem (Utena, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter...) I just don't write them.
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 Still don't own Fire Emblem or any of its characters.

Fic under the cut )
Am I writing this because the idea of Ephraim in a flight jacket is attractive?  Maybe.

FE Fest

NSFW Dec. 17th, 2010 05:21 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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 But first, some phanphiction phishing!

I got this in my inbox today:

"Name: Yoshino in the Moonlight4"

Subject: Ideas related to fanfiction...

Hello there? You seem to be a fan-fiction writer in the United States, and
well, I just wanted to tell you that I have some ideas that are somehow
related to fan-fiction, and I wonder if you would like to discuss with me
about them. I just wanted to ask someone in the United States about these
ideas - could you perhaps give me some additional thoughts about them?

Also, just wondering - just how much interest do you have in drawing?"



OK.  Anyway, in this installment of "Until the Sun Cries Morning," Caeda shows up and thickens the plot like a dose of arrowroot in the pudding.  This chapter, "For Sorrow of Inspiration," is subdivided to make it easier to read and to buy me time on writing the battles of Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge.  :D
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 AKA, the overall name for this Ephraim 'n' Innes Civil War thingy.  'Fic "experiments" turn into regular 'fics when the first installment doesn't generate hate mail, in case anyone's wondering.

In this chapter, Innes is kind of a dick, Ephraim gets angsty, and Marth actually accomplishes something... eventually.

Anyway, in short, "Until The Sun Cries Morning," is a Civil War AU in four parts:

"Let's Not Forget Ourselves" (in which Ephraim and Marth attempt to plot against the Army command while Innes manipulates them both)
"Executioner For A Day" (see above)
"For Sorrow Or Inspiration" (in which there is finally some action, plus Innes covets his neighbor's comrade's wife)
"No Accidental Death" (in which things wrap up with a bang or three)

Bonus points to anyone who knows the source of the chapter titles... or the project title for that matter.

Notes if anyone cares... )

Oh, yeah.  It's genfic.  I do NOT ship Ephraim/Innes.  Ever.

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I’d say I don’t know how I got into AU Fire Emblem mash-ups, except that I do know where it began. I read a thread on Serenes Forest that hypothesized that, were Ephraim and Eliwood somehow to meet, it would end in bloodshed. I didn’t buy it-- but I could definitely see Eph having a problem with Lord-type characters other than Eliwood if they were thrown into the same continuity.  None of the characters are carbon copies, but you see variations on a pattern with enough overlap that it would... disconcert. 

This particular mash-up stems from a request from [ profile] shining_valor , who wanted a Seth-and-Orson Civil War piece. I’m working on it... and this is a side story to it.

'Fic under the cut )

Notes and Stuff )
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Got this meme from [ profile] sacae  and [ profile] sailorvfan .  I think it's really cool.

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories. Do you see a pattern?

Here we go!  Oldest to newest.  I am not counting new chapters of old works as new stories.  I think some [ profile] fe_contest things I didn't archive anywhere also slipped through the cracks.

Cut for length. And a bit of yucky imagery. )

Well, I see two themes right off-- rain (or other precipitation) and offerings of/desire for food and drink.  As opening lines go, I think I still like that from "A Knight In Reverse" the best, probably followed by "Mortal Corruption" for the visceral ick factor.  I'd better rewrite the opener to my current project, which features both rain and coffee.  Heh.

Anyway, every other 'fic project has been abandoned for the week in favor of [ profile] shining_valor 's Civil War prompt thing, which has taken on a life of its own.  Basically, Innes and Ephraim jumped up from the margins of the story and demanded more "screen time," so I'm writing a few side-story ficlets that concentrate on them.  They contain spoilers for the main plot of "Borderline" (and the main "plot" of the war if you don't know it), but that's OK.  Spoiler: the Confederates lose.

I dunno.  I am probably going way overboard on looking up stuff, like the historical details of the Army of the Cumberland's command structure.  Is anyone in the audience going to care if there really was an artillery brigade attached to the XIV Corps in March of 1863?  Or when the city of Murfreesboro first had gaslighting?  I don't know if I'm slouching toward finally writing original 'fic again, or what.  But it kind of gives me an excuse to research a beloved subject in-depth instead of just cross-referencing details of medieval dress or... whatever.  
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 Well, I promised I'd focus on non-Archanea works, didn't I?

So, the third and final installment of "Sleep of the Just" is posted here.  Anyway, one reviewer noted that the previous chapter didn't have a lot of conflict for Innes-- basically he pieced his head back together, got laid, got married, and overall did very well for himself.  Things get a lot more sticky in this one.

Plot teaser/spoilers.... )

Even bigger story spoilers )

Anyway, I had fun with this for all that it took the better part of a year.  And now I'm out of FE8 plotbunnies aside from a Forde-themed thing that I will probably never write.

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 Back in... uh... October?  I posted the prologue for a three-part FE8 story featuring Innes.  I had the plot sketched out, the chapter breaks set, and the final scene written (something I always do with multi-part 'fic to keep me going).  But the essential bloody vagueness of Magvel caused me to stall out.  I was comfortable enough with Innes, or at least my take on him, but I wasn't comfortable in his world.

So, here it is April of 2010, and I finally get around to Chapter One.  It's mostly what I intended to write from the first, but the central conflict between Innes and Ephraim is kept in the background this chapter.  The political issues that drive Chapter Two are shoved in the corner, too-- this chapter is basically Innes getting his psyche and his life together after the war.

Spoilers and stuff for those interested... ) 
I don't warn for pairings unless they're canon-busters or something that could squick people.  For this 'fic, I decided to make considerable use of the FE8 possibilities.  So we have Ephraim/Tana (bleah, but it made sense in terms of the plot), an initial Innes/Eirika that goes nowhere, plus some Seth/Eirika/Saleh (!) and Vanessa/Innes/L'Arachel.   Yay.

All in all, Innes is a refreshing change from Marth and friends.  I just can't DO some things with Archanea.


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