Date: 2012-10-07 10:38 pm (UTC)
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That's probably why I don't write fics that often with characters from a series, I don't like making any assumptions without word of from the author on my side

Yeah, but the entire point of this essay series of mine is to determine what the canon text actually says about character sexuality and what the franchise norms are. So, when canon throws in something like Grey drinking himself to death over the loss of his BFF Robin, or Florina saying "I love you!" to Lyn, what weight do we give that? Do fans, intentionally or unconsciously, minimize same-sex content in the games because it doesn't "fit" assumptions that all characters default to heterosexual? Do we require a different standard of proof for gay and lesbian relationships in canon than we do for het, kicking aside the actual words the authors provide us because of our preconceived ideas like "Ike can't be gay"?

All that stuff ended up in the games because somebody put it there; it's not like analyzing a real person because these are intentional fictional constructs. They may be sloppy or inconsistent or retconned, but somebody made them.

it seems a bit arrogant and inconsiderate to take someone you've only known for minutes and classify things about them you really can only learn from them.

People do that in every interaction, whether intentionally or not. And depending on the line of work you're in, your job or safety may depend on how well you can do it.

I just tend to pair whoever seems... canon?

Well, that's precisely the question we're working on here. What is canon and where does it stand? And I think the evidence is pretty clear that there's same-sex canon content, or at least same-sex canon implications, beginning with the second game in the series and indisputably by the fifth. Which makes the current game with its "Everybody's Het!" marriage mechanic wherein the self-insert can sleep with a dragon loli and the shota mage can make a baby with a bunny woman strikingly regressive.

But that's the point I'm leading up to with these essays. I just want my groundwork in order.
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