Date: 2012-10-24 07:13 pm (UTC)
mark_asphodel: Sage King Leaf (Default)
Fire Emblem games represent a very conservative view of family and love determined by the Japanese cultural views that spawned the games.

I'd really like to see something backing up this assertion you keep making, given that FE's conception of "family" encompasses everything from married couples and their biological children to married couples with adopted children to a man and a woman who are not married who are raising kids that are unrelated to them biologically to a single mother and her adopted daughter. FE5 in particular appears to be a paean to untraditional families, given the extent to which Evayle is put on a pedestal.

Extramarital sex and having babies out of wedlock without negative implications is pretty widespread, too. How are you defining conservative?

But anyway, the only way you can talk about Canon Gay in Fire Emblem is by ignoring or twisting the concept of Reader Response

So what's the canon-appropriate Reader Response to Tibarn's crack about tying Reyson to a bed? Or the use of the word "ai" in the description of Marty as "The Man Who Dagda Loved"? If you're saying "love" means something else just because two men are involved, then I think you're the one bringing interpretation to the table. Then you have Kyza, presented in the original Japanese script as an "okama," which really isn't up to interpretation. That's how he's written.

but that the game stil shows conservative and traditional views.

Let's take one particularly "Japanese" value, that of filial piety. Madelyn defies her noble father and runs away with a foreigner. This is explicitly presented (by Wallace) as a positive choice, despite being a major taboo in terms of traditional values. And, speaking of tradition, maybe we should talk about same-sex pederasty among the samurai classes? Those were some interesting military traditions.

But "logical" doesnt means canon, specially when you do a close reading and see the whole issue in Its social context.

I maintain that the social context is 1990s/2000s commercial media aimed, by the designers' own admission, at women. Which was very much a place to find same-sex content, as the popular manga and anime series of the time bear out.
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