Date: 2012-10-24 04:28 pm (UTC)
Interesting point of view, but is all speculation not what you would call canon. Fire Emblem games represent a very conservative view of family and love determined by the Japanese cultural views that spawned the games.

Wether the fans asumtions are based on whats logical for them, and many times "gay" is the most logical answer. Seems like the first canon gay character in the games is Heather and thats treated as a joke.

Making It not gay just requires not reading the script sexually, wich is hard when you are normated by a sexed culture, It shows that in fact this gay stuff is just speculation. Thinking in viewing Fire Emblem romance in Its own terms means in fact ignoring material context of where and when the games were produced.

Besides Romantic love is not the only love, but this is a topic open since Tolkien wrote LOTR, many parts of the script can be readed without any implication of what we know as romantic love.

But anyway, the only way you can talk about Canon Gay in Fire Emblem is by ignoring or twisting the concept of Reader Response. The reader completes the text, in other words what you say "its there" ITs actually not there.

With all this I dont want to say FE is a reactionary game (wich maybe It is), but that the game stil shows conservative and traditional views. Either way sometimes the dialog is so corny that would make more sense if the characters were gay, so the reader completes the text in his mind to get what makes more sense for them.

Any way, everytime some one say "Its obvious they are gay" you enter in the weak argument cause It implies that "Its there" so the whole text becomes not a body of inquiry but infact the whole proof of the argument.

But if It makes more sense for people to read It as Gay then they should do It, thats the whole point of having an imagination. But "logical" doesnt means canon, specially when you do a close reading and see the whole issue in Its social context.
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