Date: 2012-10-08 09:10 pm (UTC)
mark_asphodel: Sage King Leaf (0)
Whereas with women, I hear them say it all of the time.

I guess it's just me, but I don't say that IRL to anyone outside of immediate family, my best friend from high school, and my cats.

But I do think in evaluating media, it helps to take into account the societal norms where something was produced. Some societies aren't as averse to male displays of affection. Hand gestures and body language can mean different things. I remember back in the day in Gundam Wing fandom, once scene in Endless Waltz was taken as "evidence" that one character was raping another (on a habitual basis, I mean), when in reality it was apparently just some very straightforward superior/inferior bodily contact meant to put the "uke" in his place but without any sexual connotation. Meanwhile, a manga illustration of Sailormars and Sailorvenus on a bicycle was interpreted by Western fans to mean OMG Lesbians! when the intent simply wasn't there. It was two friends tooling around on a bike.

So when Florina says "I love you!" I'm evaluating it not in the sense of my girlfriends who say ILU on a regular basis (not that I have RL friends who say any such thing) but in terms of this being in Fire Emblem, a game franchise in which "I love you" don't come up all that often.

OTOH, what does she say in Japanese?

But we can't say with 100% accuracy, yeah he's straight, or yeah he's gay. Because maybe he's actually asexual and only had a kid to reproduce in the first place/carry on the family line or something. /shrug

Yeah, pretty much. You could even make a whole headcanon mess about Sacaean sexual and gender norms to explain it all!

I think FE is too loose to determine either way (for the most part) what characters are gay, bi, or het, as there isn't enough canon evidence on any side to really determine it. Let's not forget about the asexual people, either!

Especially for the early games (outside of FE4). There's just nothing to go on.

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