Date: 2012-10-08 01:30 pm (UTC)
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Do we require a different standard of proof for gay and lesbian relationships in canon than we do for het

That's actually a really good question. I mean, think about things in our daily life:

How many men say "I love you", or "Love you", or even the word "love" to their friends, even really close friends? Even when they do, it's more of an, "I love you, man/bro/son" type of a thing, and only under, it seems, certain conditions (wedding, they almost died, a close friend died, etc).

Whereas with women, I hear them say it all of the time. Even online, tons of "ilu" and "ilu2" fly all over the place between women, and sometimes it means very little, sometimes it means something completely legit. I mean, I love my friends and I'll tell them this now and then, but I never mean anything beyond, "I love you like a friend" to them. Whereas if a dude says he loves someone, male or female, it's looked upon as automatically being a declaration of romantic interest. Hum.

It definitely makes you think, though. I think FE is too loose to determine either way (for the most part) what characters are gay, bi, or het, as there isn't enough canon evidence on any side to really determine it. Let's not forget about the asexual people, either! Or the asexual-bi/asexual-het/asexual-gay people, because they can be divided into those categories, too. ;)

I do feel that IkeSoren has the most canonical evidence of any of the games I've personally played, because they have a close bond already that, from the start, never really read to me as "just pals". Maybe because of the way they talk to one another, or the codependency going on. I'd have to replay to get concrete evidence sadly. But I think for most characters, let's use Guy for example, they just don't have enough background info or supports with other characters, that might make them look as if they lean one way or the other. I mean, Wil and Rath, for example: is that a pairing? I think it COULD be. But maybe Rath just needs a friend, because as it stands, it seems he's never actually had one. Would he even be READY for a relationship? And he does have a canon daughter, so that's where things get sticky. Maybe he's just bi. We don't know. It's really hard to say based on what little information we have. But I think it's safe to say it could go either way, I mean, why not? But we can't say with 100% accuracy, yeah he's straight, or yeah he's gay. Because maybe he's actually asexual and only had a kid to reproduce in the first place/carry on the family line or something. /shrug
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