Date: 2012-10-07 11:02 pm (UTC)
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Hrm.. you have a very good point. Romantic subtexts whether het or otherwise are not something I pick up on well, but I do see your point. But at the same time I don't really know what makes a person gay or not. I see sometimes what I see as two men or women being best friends as suddenly being perceived as a sexual love, and I don't understand that. At other times I see a pairing where others are like "O_o they are just friends." So I don't know where to really draw the line on what means what. I mean, I have friends in real life who are homosexual, and I never would have known until they told me, and even afterwards I don't really see what makes them any different from me or anyone else other than their choice in who their partner is.

As for the judging with real people, yes and no. I still don't think it's necessarily fair to the person though especially since assuming a sexuality or race shouldn't change how you treat a person, nor should THAT interfere with a job or not. Iono, I just don't like making assumptions like that on people, and if I do I chastise myself for it.

As for the newest game I haven't paid it too much attention however if it's picked up on the same annoying trend as Agarest then ugh. That is a regression ~_~ The whole loli/shota pairing in games is a bit disturbing and quite a few strategy RPGs with dating sim elements do it, as the aforementioned Agarest, using excuses like their race to say they are older than they are, which is an obvious cop out when it's apparent that it is done for fanservice reasons.
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