Date: 2012-10-07 09:54 pm (UTC)
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Hrm... my thoughts are mixed if only because I hate assuming things myself. That's probably why I don't write fics that often with characters from a series, I don't like making any assumptions without word of from the author on my side (Unless it's a parody). That said, when it comes to identifying orientation, it's a bit of a mix. I don't think too many people are good at discerning 'gay' and 'straight' with people as per your rule 3, given that I've had quite a few friends think that I am gay, for different reasons such as me avoiding things like 'spin the bottle' at a party that was mostly female, and like the 4 friends of mine from anime club that thought it was weird I didn't want to read some doujin at a friend's house or thinking 'fanservice' and 'moe' were stupid. Not to mention even my sociology teacher had at ask given that on our 'gender/value association' I scored most points in effeminate, 2nd in neutral, and 3rd in masculine, and am apparently one of the only male students she had do that at this school >_>;. It always really bothered me. Then again the same group from the anime club that I was sort of dragged into would also try to use the same criteria on teachers and stuff and it was really weird, even married teachers, so I wouldn't consider them a valid source of judgement. Even moreso it weird me out that someone would do that to people in real life, with a fictional character it's one thing, but playing guessing games with someone's orientation in real life is sort of weird to me, I mean... it seems a bit arrogant and inconsiderate to take someone you've only known for minutes and classify things about them you really can only learn from them.

What is considered 'gay' really I think does depend on which society and norms you are trying to compare them to. I don't know, even in Fire Emblem I don't really do the romance thing, I just tend to pair whoever seems... canon? Which is a bit hard given we aren't really given canon, but the game does tend to hint at things (Eliwood/Ninian, etc.) Though I haven't played much outside the 6/7/8/9 games. I just haven't really had fun with the other games, I don't quite know why but I only can play one chapter before getting bored now xD; Though I will admit the Finn thing seems pretty legit. From those games the only non-het characters I can think of (And I haven't played them in forever so their might be more) were... Ike and Soren and Lucius and Raven, I think.

All in all this might just be a side effect of me finding shipping in general weird xD;
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