Date: 2012-10-07 09:29 pm (UTC)
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"Woah, he's a music major AND a vegetarian AND he dresses like that? Gay."

I've a friend like that. Wasn't 100% sure about him until I found out he was into the Pet Shop Boys. And yes, he was.

that some people can recognize gay men just by looking at their faces in a generic mugshot -- it's about the way the facial muscles are held.

Yeah, I've done that, 3-4 times, so I think I know exactly what they're talking about. One case was a middle-aged guy who came into the bakery where I worked, and I knew the second he stepped in the door by looking at the set of his face.

I would say it's funny that we hold fictional characters to a higher standard for proof of sexuality than the higher-stakes matter of people in our daily lives, but IMO, it's totally understandable.

Well, in fiction there's also text vs subtext, authorial intent and all that jazz. Not to mention "evidence of absence" vs "absence of evidence." I mean, in the case of Cain, IMO there is nothing to go on regarding his sexuality. You want him straight? Fine. You want him gay? Equally valid. With Gordin, I'd say it's more like, "No, you prove he's straight." (Same goes for Asvel.) With say, Samson it's "Well maybe I guess you could call him bi but come on now that is some canon het." In Finn's case, the writers do give themselves an out by making him an icebox because you can just say, "Well, it's not just about women, he's not interested in any of the good things in life." Except having some drinks with Glade, apparently.

In the case of most Utena characters, the gay vs straight vs bi labels seem kind of beside the point.

I suspect the producers knew exactly what they were doing -- queer baiting.

Yeah. I've complained before about the producers "playing games," but "baiting" is a fair way to put it, IMO.

That said, repressed gay!Finn may be my favorite piece of Jugdral headcanon.

"Repressed" being a key part of it, here.
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