Date: 2012-10-07 06:32 pm (UTC)
amielleon: Tiny cartoony Soren clinging to Ike under a leaf in a rainstorm. (Ike/Soren: Little Shelter)
From: [personal profile] amielleon
What's intriguing to me is that #3 is generally enough evidence to deem someone in our personal lives gay. "Woah, he's a music major AND a vegetarian AND he dresses like that? Gay." (Of course, we are sometimes wrong about this, and the Finns in our lives are merely asexual/traumatized/not into objectifying women.) Actually, funny example of this: a few months ago Lily and I were derping around listening to some dialects on the IDEAS site. After hearing about 5 seconds of one of them, I turned to her and was like, "Is it just me or does he sound gay?" And she said, "I was just thinking the same thing." And this was from five seconds of a guy we've never known in any way before, reading a prepared text.

(I was going to link you to it, but unfortunately we don't remember which one it was anymore, and now that I'm biased going in "OK GONNA FIND A GAY CLIP" it's entirely possible I'll pick out a zillion false positives.)

Incidentally, some linguists do take an interest in this kind of recognition. I went to a seminar about phonetic characteristics of gay Minnesotan men, but unfortunately their conclusion was that their methods were flawed. I also know via Lie to Me that there was a study that found that some people can recognize gay men just by looking at their faces in a generic mugshot -- it's about the way the facial muscles are held.

I would say it's funny that we hold fictional characters to a higher standard for proof of sexuality than the higher-stakes matter of people in our daily lives, but IMO, it's totally understandable. We (or some of us, anyway) expect storywriters to cater to our preconceived notions -- if a character's gay, we think it's important enough that they'd come out and say it. This is, of course, heteronormative... but it's a valid enough assumption if the producers of the game are similarly heteronormative.

Considering that FE is heavily marketed toward women in Japan, I suspect the producers knew exactly what they were doing -- queer baiting. They'll give just enough to entice that slash-loving female demographic, but leave enough room when it really counts so that no one can accuse Nintendo of corrupting the youth.

That said, repressed gay!Finn may be my favorite piece of Jugdral headcanon.
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